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Are you planning to advance your career in Dubai’s healthcare sector? GluCare.Health is one of the top providers of diabetes treatment in the UAE. A great opportunity has opened at Glucare.Health to join their team. Learn more about working with them by seeing the open positions.

Name of the CompanyGlucare health
NationalityAs Per the Job Description
EducationEquivalent to Job Position
Salary RangeVaries with Position
Last Updated on29 Nov 2022

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About GluCare Health

The first truly integrated therapeutic diabetic clinic in the GCC is called GluCare.Health. It is a one-stop clinic for all of your diabetes treatment needs. Their modern care approach is data-driven from the ground up. They employ machine learning to identify trends, send notifications, and instil motivation so you stay on track or adjust your treatment plan.

GluCare.Health strives to produce the finest clinical results at the lowest unit cost while doing it in an honest, open, and responsible manner. They suggest that significant adjustments should be made to the way healthcare systems handle diabetes and that everyone should have access to this care.


GluCare.Health hyper-personalize your treatment by bringing together all aspects of the diabetic ecosystem for you, such as medical devices, education, wearables, and medications.

Their approach to providing treatment is ongoing. To understand your body, follow your care plan, or get back on track, their staff is at your side whenever you need. They analyze patterns to act sooner and make more accurate predictions about how your care plan should be structured considering your data.

How to Treat Diabetes?

Diabetes develops when your blood glucose, often referred to as blood sugar, is too high. Diabetes is a life-changing diagnosis. However, persons with diabetes can survive if they receive the proper treatment and support.

Through a team of physicians, knowledgeable health educators, and access to modern technology that makes their patients’ conditions simpler to manage, GluCare.Health provides patients with the finest treatment available.

In the UAE, diabetic patients engage with doctors for, at most, a few minutes every three months. A new care model created by GluCare tracks patient physiological and medical data from wearable technologies and medical equipment to offer coverage around-the-clock (such as continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps).

Careers – Glucare Health Jobs in Dubai

GluCare.Health formed a team of dedicated specialists to deliver the finest of medical and technology. With this, they proved that you could alter the course of diabetes if you combine human and machine (data science & technology) with a highly human-centric approach to treatment.

Work with a team that is committed to diabetes treatment. They provide specialized, ongoing, and highly personalized help from their expert team. They choose employees who care about controlling diabetes. Their team includes doctors, nurses, teachers, and health coaches.

List of Vacant Positions (Updated)

Job TitleLocationApply
Ambulatory NurseDubaiView and apply
Videographer/ PhotographerDubaiView and apply
Diabetes EducatorDubaiView and apply
HR GeneralistDubaiView and apply
Personal AssistantDubaiView and apply
Graphic DesignerDubaiView and apply
Nursing AssistantDubaiView and apply
Medical CoderDubaiView and apply
Patient Affairs SpecialistDubaiView and apply

How Do I Apply for Glucare Health Jobs in Dubai?

You can use the list above to apply for jobs at GluCare.Health. The job title that best describes your position and skill set should be clicked.

Additionally, it’s a wise idea to confirm your eligibility for a position before applying. Making this choice will likely save you time and prevent you from receiving rejection letters in your inbox. All the best!

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