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Education is one of our most treasured possessions. Choosing the right career for you is important because it has an impact on how we perceive and engage with the world. By providing students with a well-rounded educational experience, LEAMS Education Careers hopes to motivate kids to meet high standards in all areas of learning.

Teaching and learning are what fills their souls with light. In keeping with their mission to be an inclusive school, they value and support the talents of children as well as those kids who are driven to succeed.

Take a look at the most current job posts that LEAMS Education in the UAE has published.

Name of the CompanyLEAMS Education
NationalityAs Per the Job Description
EducationEquivalent to Job Position
Salary RangeVaries With Position
Last updated on16 Mar 2023

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About LEAMS Education

LEAMS Education is a renowned K 12 Educational Organization with a 40-year tradition dedicated to developing future leaders who will lead the nation.

The LEAMS group’s five campuses offer 8,000+ students from 50 different nationalities interesting, competitive learning environments while delivering a variety of educational programs. All their schools, which use the UK and CBSE curricula, emphasize the kids’ overall development using modern technology and teaching strategies. At LEAMS, they promise to provide high-quality education using state-of-the-art facilities for the lowest price possible.


Gamma Holdings Limited is a prestigious organization with a base in the United Arab Emirates. It manages schools and nurseries in Dubai and Sharjah that offer quality education.

The CEO of Gamma Holdings Ltd., Mr Nabil Lahir, proposed the establishment of an educational management firm named LEAMS to further elevate the standard for the educational system (Leading Education And Management Solutions). LEAMS was established with the desire to use competitive intelligence to advance high-quality education.

They currently have 6000+ children enrolled in all of their schools and nurseries around the UAE owing to perseverance and contributions made at every turn of the wheel.

What Makes LEAMS Education Unique?

LEAMS EDUCATION was founded in the UAE more than 30 years ago with a passion for the pursuit of excellence. The voyage of LEAMS is best defined as “a little spark that grew into a raging flame.”

Through creative thinking, soothing activities, and genuine enthusiasm, they reveal opportunities, generate ideas, and motivate pupils. They are passionate about what they do.

The founder and chairman of Gamma Holdings Ltd., Mr Abdul Lahir Hassan, has always lived by Theodore Roosevelt’s maxim, “Believe you can, and you’re halfway there.” His commitment to providing high-quality education and his hands-on attitude in the industry have contributed to the group’s tremendous success over the last 40 years.

List of Vacancies (Updated)

Job TitleLocationApply
English CoordinatorDubaiView and apply
Fire Alarm Maintenance SupervisorDubaiView and apply
LibrarianDubaiView and apply
Head of Teaching, Learning and AssessmentsDubaiView and apply
KG TeacherDubaiView and apply

Apply for LEAMS Education Careers?

Make sure your profile is fit for the position being offered by LEAMS Education careers by checking the requirements first. Choose the position from the list of available opportunities above, and then submit your online application.

Additionally, you may check out their website to access their career portal. Review the jobs they are looking for right now, and then apply for the ones that appeal to you.

If the position you were seeking couldn’t be found, enter your working email address in the space provided to get email notifications about future openings.

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