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The bustling job scene in the UAE, where sectors like Petrol Stations, Oil, and Gas are major players, Job seekers are always on the hunt for opportunities promising growth and good pay. One big name in this game is the Emirates General Petroleum Corporation, or Emarat. As of December 26, 2023, Emarat is on the lookout for new team members, specifically for the role of Sales and Business Development Manager.

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Why Emarat?

Founded in 1981, Emarat is a big shot in the fuel services game, supplying commercial fuel and petrol products. They’ve got a bunch of fuel stations all over the UAE and a stellar reputation for quality products. Emarat is the go-to for consumers, corporations, and commercial industries.

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Current Opportunities at Emarat

Emarat has some open spots for Sales and Business Development Managers. It’s a golden opportunity for folks with the right experience to join the Emarat crew. They’re all about developing local talent, giving Emirati citizens a shot at being part of their growing team.

Applying for a Position at Emarat

If you’re eyeing a gig with Emarat, applying is a breeze. Just toss your CV onto the Emarat Careers official online portal. Not only are you throwing your hat in the ring for current openings, but you’re also staying in the loop on all the newest gigs.

To boost your chances of landing a spot that fits your skills, hit up the link on the Emarat Careers page. Drop your details and resume, and you might just score a job with one of the UAE’s top dogs in petroleum.

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Emarat isn’t just about pumping out petroleum products – they’re into excellence for their team too. Joining Emarat means joining a crew that appreciates talent, supports your professional growth, and sets you up for a rewarding career. Ready to rev up your career with a cool and fulfilling role? Check out Emarat Careers and kick off a brighter professional future.

Rev up your career with Emarat – where excellence meets opportunity!

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