Du Telecom Jobs Openings in UAE | Latest Vacancies | September 2022

Du Telecom is one of the Middle East’s Internet hubs, connecting other telecom carriers in the area. There are currently several open positions at du telecom in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The jobs listed below are appropriate for you if you meet the requirements to work in the telecom business. Also find other important information regarding the job, including salary, benefits, and responsibilities as well.

If you are interested in joining the team Du, browse this content and find out what it will be like to work in a vibrant, multicultural company. Let’s look at some of the current job openings.

Name of the CompanyDu Telecom
EducationEquivalent to Job Position
Salary RangeVaries With Position

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A brief overview of Du Telecom UAE

The Du Telecom UAE Careers

Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, commercially renamed Du in February 2007, is one of the UAE’s two major telecom operators. Du has 6.7 million UAE mobile users and 236,000 fixed-line subscribers as of 2021. Its shares are traded on the Dubai Financial Market and are governed by the Securities and Commodities Authority and the UAE’s Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA).

Across the UAE, du provides fixed-line, mobile telephone, internet, and digital television services. It also offers carrier services, a data centre, internet exchange facilities, and broadcast satellite services. They aim to connect people and companies by offering mobile and fixed services, broadband access, and IPTV services to individuals, homes, and businesses throughout the UAE.

Numerous UAE firsts have been achieved by Du since its start in 2007, including the introduction of the Pay by the Second® billing system, IPTV, and self-service site. The fulfilment of UAE Vision 2021 and the development of Dubai into a Smart City are best supported by du.

They serve as both the platform provider and an official strategic partner of the Smart Dubai Office. Du also supports sustainability programs across the whole city that are in line with Dubai 2040. They are expanding their telecommunications business by upgrading connections to meet people’s and the world’s requirements.

Advantages of Working with Du Telecom

Du offers some great benefits, which make their overall rewards package even better.

  • Wellness facilities (clinic and gym)
  • Flexible working hours
  • Children’s education assistance
  • Happiness and fulfilment
  • Locally negotiated discounts
  • Free private healthcare
  • Phone calls and data
  • Airfare allowance
  • Annual leave
  • End of service gratuity
  • UAE Pension

Employee Development Opportunities

Through personalized training programs, they offer expertise learning to all employees across all business areas. The atmosphere for employee growth and development encourages continuous learning, which benefits individual development as well as the demands of the business.

The programs offer face-to-face instruction using a blended and self-driven modern learning platform that offers personalized and continuous learning experiences in areas such as leadership ability, business and interpersonal skills, technical, health and safety, industry-specific, and more.

List of Vacant Positions (Updated)

Head of IT & Technology (Financial Services / Fintech)DubaiView and apply
Manager – Security Risk ManagementDubaiView and apply
Product Lead (Financial Services / Fintech)DubaiView and apply
End-to-End Architect ExpertDubaiView and apply
Manager – Fixed Assets and InventoryDubaiView and apply

How to Apply for Du Telecom Jobs?

Check the eligibility requirements first to ensure that your profile matches the job opening at Du. Next, select the role you wish to apply for from the list of open vacancies. Best wishes for your work at Du Careers.

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